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At the heart of every yacht, lies a commitment to excellence. We rely on industry-leading manufacturers to provide you with the finest parts and components, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. From the engine room to the navigation systems, every part is carefully selected to guarantee a seamless journey, giving you peace of mind as you explore the open waters.

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As a forerunner in the specialized market for vessel replacement parts, we are motivated to run a sustainable and environmentally friendly shipping service.

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EMS’ wide range of products and services at highly competitive prices are eclipsed only by our ambitious team’s dedication to go above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that our clients’ unique needs are not only met, but surpassed, each day, every day. Thanks to EMS’ esteemed team of knowledgeable and passionate individuals, we guarantee the delivery of superior service, and premium quality marine spare parts.

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Put the responsibility in our hands and enjoy working with a team that is dedicated to a higher service standard.